In my thirty years producing and starring in over forty films with top Hollywood legends like Tony Curtis, Martin Landau, Ernest Borgnine, Oliver Reed, and more, I’ve learned and applied certain qualities and techniques to my personal, business, and spiritual life that each of these Hollywood stars brings to my set.

My question was “What is it that causes these great actors to be great actors?” My immediate answer was “Because they were great actors.” However, I work with other great actors but few ever achieve what these Hollywood greats achieve, and most never achieve much at all. So I reconstructed my question to be, “What is it that causes these great actors to become successful – rising above the others and becoming stars?” The answer then became more clear, and this is what I want to teach you in this “Take Action Now” training course.

Topics covered include the following
* How to get an audition
* How to audition
* How to nail the callback
* How to follow up with casting directors
* Set etiquette: how to perform on the    film set
* How to negotiate your own acting contract (the best compensation, the best on-screen credit)
* How to build yourself into a franchise
* Acting for commercials
* How to survive in Hollywood
* How to handle kissing and romantic scenes
* Dealing with rejection
* How to know if you are you really supposed to be an actor
* Stunts, fight scenes, car chases and falls
* Using weapons on set; making it look real; safety
* Your actual age versus your acting age
* You’re already a star

Seats are filling fast! Click PayPal below to register for the $89 Nov. 11 Atlanta Acting Intensive. (A PayPal account isn't required.) If you prefer to register by phone please call (818) 679-4642

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