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David Heavener...The Last Evangelist

Welcome to Revelation Studios! My name is David Heavener. I have written, directed, produced, and starred in over 40 feature films with Academy Award winner Martin Landau, nominee Tony Curtis and other Hollywood legends. My films play on HBO, Showtime, USA network and others around the world.

This, however, has not been my most significant accomplishment. I am now "The Last Evangelist" which means I represent a dying breed: a small handful of truth-seekers who are unafraid to speak out, to proclaim The Truth and The Way!  There really is power in the blood. Your faith can truly make you whole. Miracles, healing, praising and teaching but the most important! Love for God and love for humanity.
Many churches are unable to release God from the box in which their doctrines have enslaved Him. Unfortunately the masses are not following the truth and the spirit. We are "The Last Evangelists." I vow to you to always tell the truth and let the Spirit move freely.  If you are a truth-seeker, I hope you will join us. This is your ministry and your movement. We would love for you to partner with us in carrying this message throughout the world via movie, music and media​​.


"The Last Evangelist"




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